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The Little People Preschool

The Little People Preschool is a home-based preschool in the gated community of Williamsburg in the city of San Marcos.  We have all the benefits of a preschool, but since we are in a home, we have much smaller student to teacher ratios, which means that children get much more individualized attention.  The home that the Little People Preschool is in is a 3-story home, with the entire bottom level (more than 1000 square feet), dedicated to the preschool. The curriculum we use is called Mother Goose Time, which you can read about at  Each month we explore a different theme, 3 letters of the month, a shape of the month, and 2-3 numbers of the month.  We also have a color of the week, art, science, and much much more!  We accept children as young as 6 months of age, all the way up through Kindergarten level.  Our hours of operation are 7am until 5:30pm.  Come visit us today!

What our customers are saying

I absolutely love the Little People Preschool.  I can't believe how time has flown.  After 4 wonderful years, we are sad that it is time for my son to leave to Kindergarten, but I am pregnant and will, without a doubt, have my new baby at the Little People preschool her first few years of life as well

Sandy Newman

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